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Wednesday, February 8, 2012

29 weeks and holding strong.. well.. sorta

[Photo is pretty crummy sorry, taken with my cell phone]

*How far along?: 29 weeks
*Total weight gain?: Do I dare say? Around 35 lbs. Which so far is right on track.. so lets hope I can hold that! Total weight gain for twins is between 35-45. Was hoping for JUST the 35 but at least I am not over like I was with Elysa!
*How big are the babies?: close to 3 pounds each
*Genders: Boy & Girl
*Maternity clothes: Yes, but my stomach is starting to hang out of the bottom of maternity shirts and my pants are really uncomfortable. It's frustrating because NOTHING fits and NOTHING is comfortable. I can't wear pants or anything that sit just under my belly. The babies hate that because they are just so far down there and I think it squishes their heads.
*Stretch marks: Ugh yes! I got them with my daughter.. after about a year they slowly started fading and I was excited! But now they are back and even worse because, honestly, I don't know how my belly is going to stretch and further!
*Sleep: What is that again? I am CONSTANTLY tossing and turning. I can never get comfortable. One side will go completely numb so I have to flip to the other side until it goes numb. Not to mention the 10 bathroom trips I make thru the night!
*Best moment this week:Getting my beautiful diaper bag!!! :)
I just love it! It was a little spendy but I love it enough to use it as a purse too! I was wishing I would have spent more on one with Lys because I used it up until she was about 2 to carry all her toys, diapers, and such. So I decided to splurge this time :)
*Movement: My goodness yes! It's like a constant battle for space in there. Last ultrasound Henry was all stretched out and poor Hazel was balled up in her own little sac. I felt bad! We know who is the dominating one lol
*Food cravings: Banana Cream Pie! Preferably Angies
*Labor signs: Braxton Hicks here and there.. some are REALLY intense and I just lay on the couch and hold my breath until they are over
*Belly button in or out: Do I still have one? It is very out! Lys thought it was one of the babies feet sticking out.
*What I miss: Where do I begin! Everything! I miss working out and being sore! I miss walking! I miss standing for more than 10 minutes at a time. Today at the store I had to find a couch because I thought I was going to pass out and I was so out of breath.. no more shopping for me!
*What I'm looking forward to: Besides being able to hold and see my babies :) Physically being able to do stuff and not having all the aches and pains. And of course I am going thru soccer & crossfit withdrawls. I just can't wait to feel semi-normal and not feel like a helpless couch potato haha.. sounds nice.. but you get to the point where you are sick of having to be helped for EVERY LITTLE THING.. yes.. even being walked to the bathroom.. which Lys does a good job doing :)
*What do I love about this pregnancy: Getting to see their little bodies and faces on ultrasounds which I get PLENTY of :) I LOVE feeling their little bodies move around. It's amazing, it is with one but with two.. wow! Me and Devin have guessing games on which body part it is and who's it is haha.. but I love getting to bond with them that way and I love that they move alllllll the time. Watch my belly for even a minute and you'll see it just start jumping around haha.. I get a little self conscious at times depending on who I am talking to and my belly just starts crazily twitching!

Lys & Devin have been my rocks! If it weren't for them I seriously think I would go insane. Why did I even once complain about being pregnant with Lys lol? She was EASY compared to this! Lys is so sweet tho, she tucks me in at night and for naps, like I said, she walks me to the bathroom, she gets papa for me when I need him. Devin, oh man he deserves husband and father of the year award for sure! He cooks every night, goes grocery shopping, cleans the house, gets Lys ready for dance and yes! He did her hair with my flat iron!
He even put a bow in her hair :) He is amazing!

2 more weeks and i'll have another Growth & Development ultrasound. We'll see just how big the babies are and see if I need to go on full bedrest or not. BUT 3 more weeks and I am safe to deliver here! Before then i'd have to go to SLC so I am doing eveything I can to make it to the 32 weeks mark! I can't believe how fast it's going.. but boy am I ready!

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