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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Valentines Day!

I just love my little family so much! We told Lys Valentines is all about "I Love You's" and showing how much you love someone.

[ My daughter has to bring Valentines for her dance class Wednesday so we decided to make some up. Devin came up with the card idea and I just put it all together :) Where it says "MUSTACHE" we taped some of the little mustaches, Lys has on her face, to that spot. Can't you just imagine 9 three year olds running around at dance wearing mustaches lol. ]

[Here's how they turned out minus the mustaches on them]

Lys, as girly as she is, can be a little Tom Boy sometimes. I blame her dad ;) Anyways, she has been wanting a remote control car for awhile so for Valentines I used my work resources and got her a dune buggy remote control car [ because it has open seating so she can drive her barbies around haha ] and then I got devin a remote control helicopter from work. I set them both outside their bedroom door this morning. 

I heard Lys's little feet hit the floor, the door creak open and then she yells " Mama! Papa! Come look what's out here!!!" Then she runs in our room "COME ON COME ON" she was so excited. So I told her it was a Valentines gift cause today is Valentines Day. She told me "just one second!" Ran into the living room, came back, gave me a piece of chocolate she got from her Grandma Edo and Gigi (grandpa) and gave me a big ol' hug and said " I love you!". Made my day :)

Devin got me a MOST COMFORTABLE sectional. I no longer hurt on the couch lol.. it's nice to just stretch out and have pillows almost from every angle so I don't have to stuff the couch with pillows and blankets just to be comfortable!

It was a very Happy Valentines. It's a little saddening but at the same time nice to not do anything too big. We are going to enjoy the rest of the night on the couch watching movies. I just can't get out and do stuff anymore without coming home to loads of contractions. So, on the couch we stay :)

[On a side not] Saturday 11 my relief society ladies threw me an amazing little shower. Here is everything I got from it:

They are all such sweet ladies and REALLY spoiled me! We got so much that is going to be a HUGE help! Can't wait for the other 2 showers :)


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