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Friday, March 2, 2012

Week 32!

We have been waiting for weeks to finally get to week 32! That is our safety week. That week means that if the babies came, they could be here and we wouldn't have to go to SLC :) 

Crazy to think that I have at most 5 weeks left before these babies get here.. now it's just a waiting game.. I want to at least get to week 35 which isn't that far away.. that week is also a safe week.. means they probably will be born healthy and would only have a few days, if any in NICU.

So what will I miss about being pregnant? hahahahahaha.. sorry.. had to laugh some first.. ok seriously now:

1] working fully from home and getting to be with my hubby and little girl
2] Naps whenever :)
3] Getting to feel the babies kicking like crazy and watching my belly go insane with movement.. sometimes it looks like something in a freaky horror movie lol
4]  baby showers :)
* On that note i'll quickly post about the cute baby shower my Mother-In-Law and sister-in-laws threw for me

They did a cute Noah's Arc theme. [Get it.. 2 of every animal? Plus they are boy & girl? Just making sure. My pregnant brain didn't get it at first lol ]

Here's everything we ended up with :) We got so many cute things from everyone! I love little clothes!

If you want to read more about it you can visit my sister-in-laws blog. She did a cute job blogging about it and rather than stealing her cute photos she took [ cause my pregnant brain forgot our camera.. plus I was too lazy ] you can just read her blog about it HERE. Plus she got a good picture of my big ol' belly ;)

5] Ultra sounds. Even tho I would rather hold them I love getting to see the growth and development ultra sounds.. makes the weeks go by faster just waiting for our next appointment. Here are the latest pics and stats:

[top picture]

Here's Hazel!
She finally showed her cute little face. Looks ALOT like Lys as a newborn.
She's 3.15 lbs here

[bottom picture]
Here's Henry!
Looking more and more like his papa :)
3.11 lbs

I think that's about all I will miss about being pregnant haha.

Now what I am excited about the not being pregnant:

1] Getting to hold my babies!
2] Getting to start [get used to] life as a whole new family
3] Having my body back!
4] Being waken up by baby cries rather than having to go pee every other hour or having to flip every 30 minutes because my side has gone completely numb from all the weight lol
5] Getting back to crossfit and soccer! I never thought I would miss working out sooo much
6] Just being able to perform simple tasks.. like walking to the bathroom or standing up for more than 5 minutes without being out of breath and feeling like I am going to pass out!
7] Lastly, and I know you never really get your energy back with kids, but having more energy than I do now! I hate having my mind go a million miles an hour with all the things I want and need to do and my body just laughing at me and saying " ya right!! Just go back and sit on the couch and do nothing.. because that's all you can do!" mmmhmmm

Whew... I just can't wait for these cute little babies to get here! It's so stinkin' cute too.. Lys has been doing alot "big girl" things like going to the bathroom without us having to follow her down the hall, putting her shoes on by herself,  picking up her toys and her reasoning: 
"I am a big girl now because I am going to be a big sister!"

Brings a smile to my face and a smile in my heart :)

We have another baby shower tomorrow [Whoopie] and another doctors appointment Tuesday [Whoop Whoopie] so i'm sure i'll be updating again.. if I can find the energy that is!

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