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Thursday, April 12, 2012

Babies R Home!

We are finally a full family and are home now :)
We got really lucky, Hazel was only in NICU for 3 days and just needed to work on getting her body temp consistent and up and once she did that she was released. 

Henry was in for 6 days and was released Sunday April 1. Poor guy had to have a tube in his nose because he had troubles eating and if he couldn't finish the bottle on his own they had to pump his stomach with food thru his nose :( But once he got the hang of it and was eating what he was supposed to without help they released him. 

Lys is a proud big sister! The only time she had a hard time adjusting was when we were in the hospital and she was being juggled around with relatives. Poor girl broke my heart, she thought that we had forgotten about her :( made me cry so we have been making sure to spend the time we have while the babes are asleep to spend with her.

Surprisingly caring for twins really hasn't been that hard! I think it helps it being a second time around so we kinda knew what to do not to mention the hospital/NICU getting them on a set schedule helped us keep with it. They eat & sleep at the same time and have kept the schedule great! So really it's almost like having one baby. We have really enjoyed them and love seeing them grow to which they have alot!

Hazel is a little sweet heart. She loves to smile alot, I know they say it's gas but I just can't believe it with how much she smiles haha. She loves to have her cheeks rubbed too, she'll give you a big ol' smile if you do that. She is also very wide eyed and loves just looking around.

Oh Henry!
He's such a cutie but MAN boys are SO different than girls! When he gets hungry he lets you know! He has a  squeal  that definitely wakes you up. Funny how it doesn't seem to phase his sister tho lol. He has grown so much too tho, he opens his eyes alot more now and just loves to stare at you. He also loves hitting his sister when laying by her. He is sooo strong! We were all amazed when he was wiggling so much that he literally rolled himself right onto his belly. We would have thought it was a fluke but he's done it serveral times. He also can already hold his head up really well and when he's on his belly he can lift up pretty darn good too!

As for me, I feel AMAZING! I can move and walk and do stuff again! I can sleep comfortably and actually get more sleep with the twins than I did being HUGELY PREGNANT! It's nice to be able to do things for myself and to help Devin get things done around the house. I was able to walk around the next day after having Lys which felt great. It's also fun watching the pounds on the scale drop off quickly haha! Monday I went for my first light jog. I was able to jog a whole mile and it felt wonderful. I still have a ways to go to get back into shape but that's just fine, it just feels good to feel somewhat normal again :) I am going to try to play soccer again this weekend and I am excited and nervous.. almost feels like trying to ride a bike again after years of not riding one lol. Oh a plus, not sure if it's just being overly busy with twins or having sis to keep me happy or having my hubby home to help with the kids but so far no post-partum whatsoever! Feels great :)


It was alot of fun getting to have all the kiddies for Easter. My sis-in-laws mom made Henry that cute little yellow sweater vest so we had to do Easter pictures.

Lys was really excited for Easter this year because she had been watching lots of easter bunny shows so she kinda understood what Easter was about.. well the fake meaning of Easter. We made sure to explain to her that Easter was Jesus' second Birthday ( is how we described it to her ).

We set an empty basket outside her door then had a trail of eggs that led to an easter surprise:
She is really into My Little Pony right now :)

At 3:00 we went up to Dev's moms for the big Easter dinner and Easter egg hunt for all the kids (sis's cousins).

It was a very eventful day :)

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Breezie said...

I'm so glad to hear everyone's healthy and happy!!!! They are ADORABLE!!! And WAHOO for not postpartum! I get the "blues" so bad after having a baby- if you can dodge it then that's awesome!!!

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