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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Babies are here! 35 w 4 days

I can't believe they are finally here. Especially because we weren't entirely expecting it!

So we went in Sunday 25th at 8:00 pm because I was having some signs of labor and some cramping and heavy spaced contractions. We were really just wanting to get checked out. We of course were hoping we could have babies I was sooooooooooo tired and big and uncomfortable!

We started Thursday to help things along and went on a long walk to the park so Sisa could play. Friday we did the same and Saturday we went yardsales, the DI and then to the home and garden show. That was hilarious! I was quit some spectacle everyone stopped me to talk about huge I was. I had so many girls say "you poor thing" I even had a random guy take my picture because he couldn't believe how big my stomach was! I felt like a circus attraction, I got bombarded at every booth literally!

So back to Sunday, thats why we really wanted to be checked out. We really were hoping all that walking put us closer or there.

So I get all hooked up and they monitored me.I was only a 3+ which was what I was at my last appointment. Altho I was 90% effaced and I was only 80% before. An hour later i was to a 4.

I was having hard contractions so they decided to go another hour and when they checked I was to a 5 but my contractions were 8-10 min apart and they wanted me 2-3 min apart. They said they wanted to keep me and we'd see how it went. Contractions were getting harder but not closer so they talked me into an epideral I was hesitant cause I was handling the pain alright but I remembered I was pretty comfy with Lys after so I said ok.

Worst decision ever my blood pressure kept dropping, I got super sick and the contractions stopped all together! I felt HORRIBLE! They gave me patocin to get the contractions going again. The epidermal only worked on half my body so I felt everything on my right side, every contraction! I started getting major pressure so i told the nurse and I had gone to a 6. 10 min later I felt even more pressure and I was in horrible pain! They checked again, I was to a 7. 10 min later more pressure and I was in tears! I was to an 8 and they wheeled me off to the OR and from there everything happened so fast! I was put on a new bed, epidermal was FINALLY working how it was supposed to. We rolled in the OR at 5 am, I started pushing at 5:05 and at 5:16 Henry William was born weighing 6lbs and 5 oz and at 5:34 Hazel Marie was born weighing 6 lbs 1 oz 17" long.

We got to hold and feed Hazel once we got back to our room but Henry had to go to NICU for his breathing :( an hour later they wheeled us to our stay room on the 3rd floor and we had to drop Hazel off in the NICU with Henry so she could be checked. She was having a little trouble holding her temp up so they kept her.

They have both been progressing amazingly well! They gave him some "lung goop" I call it ( can't remember the official name ) to help open his lungs and at midnight last night Henry was taken off his vents and we got to hold and feed him for the first time! He did great! Now his feeding is tons better they are only helping him a little bit and we have gotten to go down every 3 hours and hold and feed both of them :)

They told us Hazel should be released tomorrow when I do and they we will get the hotel stay and she can stay with us and we can let half the fun begin till Henry gets out!

So far I am doing great, mild pain and discomfort but I was up walking around that day which was way different than with Lys. Me and devin have been trying to sleep but it is so hard. We had to take Ambien last night to sleep through the night which really helped.

Lys is so excited to be a big sister. She came to see them yesterday, but poor girl said she wasn't feeling good and ended up throwing up all over the place :( so she went to grandma D's and we sent her pictures. She was so excited but started getting sad today, I think because she sees mama and papa with little babies and she's not with us. She got to see them today through the window and she said she loved them :) but she did seem a little jealous and sad, poor little girl. I think once we all get to be together and she can hold the babies and we can still show we can hold her too she'll feel better :)

Here are some pictures that we have so far and I'll update more as it comes :)

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