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Monday, April 22, 2013

Twins are 1!!!

Where does time go.. seriously!

I honestly can't believe it  has been a whole year since these 2 were born. I feel like it went by in such a blur.. sometimes it brings me to tears because of how fast it went. I guess that's a benefit to having another one so quickly is that I get to experience that feeling of holding a precious newborn all over again ;) Granted, I think with twins.. there wasn't as much holding and snuggling as I would have liked because with 2 how do you choose who to hold and rock? They are both to adorable it's too hard to choose.. so we'd just lay them down and admire their cuteness or cuddle with them on the floor.. but there wasn't as much holding as you'd do with a single baby.

Anyways, these guys have been so special to our family. I wouldn't trade them for anything in the world! They both have cute little personalities. I seriously can't believe how different twins could be! When you think of twins or hear of twins, at least for me, I always thought of twin features, twin personalities, twin everything! But oh was I wrong! These 2 are complete opposites in every way!

I seriously forgot how little they were, because seeing them now you wouldn't believe they were premies! 

Here's pictures from their birthday party. They had so much fun and loved all the attention.

We had a cupcake party and let everyone frost their own cupcakes. All the kids loved it and got kicks out of frosting and serving cupcakes to all the adults.

Hazel with GiGi
Henry with Grandpa D

Mass loads of presents!

Sys wanted to play with their toys alittle more than they did. However once they saw big sis playing with their toy they fought over it haha.

They didn't know what to do so we had to help them a little bit. I thought for sure they'd just smash the cupcakes in their faces but they just stared at them until we fed them a little then they just nicely ate them. So we kinda helped them get messy ;)

Cousin Izabelle and Cousin Marley

All the cousins showing Hazel & Henry how to play with the Elephant Ball Blower

It was such a fun little party and they just loved having family their. I would think it was a first birthday success :)

And here's the monthly reports! ( I forgot to do 11 month )

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