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Monday, July 4, 2011

Pictures Are Worth A Million Words.. and I've got alot of them..

Holy Moly! We have done ALOT this summer so far.. and we have more to come in July.. and August.. this summer is sadly going to be gone sooner than we think, it always does. I jam packed all my images together because I just had TOOOO many to post. So here's what we have been up to:

Sisa is our little water baby.. she laid in the water literally all day. And we had to drag her out kicking and screaming. Her poor little lip would not stop quivering from the cold but she just would not admit that she was freezing.

This was Sisa's first time at Lagoon and she LOVED it. I love how they have rides for both parents and kiddies. She was just bearly tall enough to ride the bigger rides too and the scarier the better for her. She loved LOVED them.  The 2 biggest rides she road, and I almost felt a little guilty for taking her on them at first and until she demanded "again, again" after, were Tidal Wave and the newest rollercoaster ride Bombora. I hadn't been to Lagoon for awhile either, 6 years to be exact. It was SO much fun, I forgot how much I loved Lagoon. I even rode Wicked which I had vowed I was never going to go on because I was too chicken but I'm glad Devin and Britton forced me on it because it ended up being my favorite! Can't wait for bounce back next Saturday!!

Sisa just loves the beach so much and has been asking to go back. We couldn't get the energy to do an all dayer at Bear Lake again so we decided Hyrum Dam was just as fun.. and it was. The water was really high but nice and warm. Again.. Sisa just sat on the dock with her feet in the water the whole time.

And of course 4th of July. Sisa loves all the fireworks but I must say.. she was alot more impressed last year. Maybe it's because we weren't as close to them? We'll get to enjoy some more tonight and we'll be a whole heck of alot more closer.. so we'll see if she likes them better.

Man.. 4th of July just snuck up on me.. well.. everything is.. I swear I feel like i'm just standing still and life is just passing me by. I'm not gonna lie. It's been making me a little depressed... So to deal with it.. I am going to make an effort to take at least 5 pictures a day.. that way I can remember everything that's flying by.. and I am going to try and blog every week.. to keep a journal of everything thats been going on so that I am not blogging 10 events in one again haha..

I also love to craft and it helps me feel...... I don't really know what, but it makes me feel happy and I guess like I am doing something other than wasting away on the couch haha. also I like being creative and seeing my house full of my creativity.. so I am going to try this week to create a project a day.. I already have a few I am working on that I will need to blog about.. I'll need to get some pictures....

Ta Ta for now...

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