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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

[ Day 1 ] Zions National Park + Bedroom Makeover

The first day of our trip was Zions National Park. It actually wasn't a bad drive to get there and I really have to brag.. I have the best little girl ever! She didn't cry ONCE the entire drive to and from!
She had her portable player, our phones, and her aunt and uncle to keep her plenty busy and happy but man she is a trooper and she kept us entertained!

When we finally got there we decided to go for a swim in this teeny tiny pool haha.. but it was lots of fun! 

After we took a walk on the town and ate out at the Flying Monkey. It was a cute little town!

2nd day we took a drive thru Zions Canyon on our way to the Grand Canyon. It was really pretty! The tunnels you had to go thru were insane! And very long! I mean very very long! I started to get a panic attack from claustrophobia! But it was fun in the end, and once we reached the end lol!

And we'll end here with the Grand Canyon for now, until I get the rest of the pictures mocked up ;) .

[ Bedroom Makeover ]

My sister-in-law is re-doing her room here and I am so glad she is! She always does such cute stuff and it really motivated and inspired me! I have been literally DREAMING of the day I would get to our room. Re-Cap for those who don't know we are living in a home, my father-in-laws, that the old renters litterally TRASHED! It was un-livable how bad they trashed it! So we decided tackle the project and move in and use our rent money to fix the place up. It has been ALOT of work but worth it everytime a room comes together.

I know I know I have not been doing well AT ALL at  updating our home remodel project.. I'll have to collect everything to post.. anywhoo.. our bedroom is the last room and the colors the former tenants painted before were beyond cold and depressing.. I really didn't like our room and I have lived like that for 2 years now..

On our trip to the Grand Canyon I got hit like a jackpot of candy on Halloween! I FINALLY knew exactly what I wanted to do to our room and I could not get it out of my head.. I got home so excited to decorate... and thus the project began.. I am very proud of myself lol..

As you can see the walls are an ugly ugly ugly gross weird green.. the wall I didn't get was a dark greyish blue and had a huge ol' hole in it.

With the help of my daughter [really she helped alot] we got the room primed and painted [ I don't have a finished product yet because I am still working on the decor and need a new bed spread ].
You can see the lovely colors I chose, we went with a Comet Dust for the walls and I am going to accent it with Red decor.

My thoughts behind this/ theme behind this is a contemporary country look.. going with colors of our old barn in the back yard

See how it's kinda got some greys and reds and browns in it? Well thats what I was going after.

Heres some of the decor so far:

The picture we found in some old stuff of Devins Grandpas.. it was PERFECT for our room.. I love it!

The material for the curtains.. ya.. $4 from the D.I. there was probably like 6 yards in it and it was also PERFECT I absolutely love the material. Devin helped me out and picked the potato sack like material for the bottom of the curtain.

We also had an ugly old desk with an ugly ol brocken filing cabinet in our room [ our room doubles as an office ] So I came up with an idea to get some big ol' books and combine them with some file holders to put on my box crate shelves [ i'll post that project later ] so that it didn't look so obvious they were files. I think it turned out pretty well!

This should be my last DIY project to finish off the room.. then I can post the room in it's entirety!
I found this at the DI. Paid a little more than I wanted $50, but not too bad for the condition it is in! I am going to paint it a barn red and give it a little rustic look! Can't wait to get this one done.. it started the idea lol.. I really wanted a red dresser for some reason!

Sorry for the long, long LONG post but that about does it for now!

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