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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Well this explains alot!

I walked in Sisa's room this morning and said "guess what?"

Sisa said "what?"
I said "mama's expecting a baby!"
Sisa says nonchalantly, "Yeah..."
I say "well your gonna be a big sister!" 
Sisa says nonchalantly again "yeah..." 
I say "well are you excited???"
Sisa says AGAIN nonchalant like "yeah..."

Not exactly the reaction I was going for haha

I didn't really want to say anything yet.. I had a cute way  I was going to tell the world.. but my hubby, he's so cute, said if I didn't post something he was.. soo...

Looks like we are expecting child #2!

And now the fun begins ;) Can't wait till he/she is here!

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