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Friday, August 12, 2011

Jam Packed August! Campfire & Old Ephraims Grave

We are just cramming in vacation after vacation this month. Guess it's cause it's pretty much the last month of summer? *Tear*

Well I am just going to be posting loads of pictures in the next week or so because besides our little Camping Expo and 4 wheeler/motorcycle ride to Old Ephraims grave, we took a trip to Zions National Park, Grand Canyon, & Bryce Canyon.. plus we have my birthday and Sisa's birthday party coming up.. boy! What a month already!!

Anyways here's what happened a couple weeks ago:

We decided it would be fun to have a little campfire in our backyard. So Devin got the Campfire pit put together, got us a fire, and we roasted hotdogs and marshmallow's.
  I just love the smell of campfire!

We also thought it would be fun to camp out so we pitched the tent. Elysa was super excited, until it was actually time to sleep in the tent. She's a smart little stinker too! We get all tucked in and she goes " I have to go potty!" [ She has been potty training and is pretty much trained so it's awesome!!!]

So Devin takes her in and after about 5 minutes comes storming out, " We are sleeping inside! That little stink tricked me!" It was hilarious. She had conned him to take her in, didn't go potty, and said " I REALLY wanna sleep in my bed ok?" And he could not get her to go back outside.

So in our beds we slept. We'll try again.

The next day Devin's family invited us to go on a trip to Old Ephraims Grave. It was LOADS of fun, i've been up once in our Blazer but never on 4 wheelers. It was a bumby road but worth the trip!

And Lastely [ for now at least ]

Stevens Henager had a poster contest. They gave the quotes and we came up with the designs. I ended up winning runner up and won myself a Flip Video Camera :D

Here's my poster!

** OHHH I did have a wonderful birthday yesterday. 

Started the day off with a wonderfully cooked breakfast by my fabulous hubby! And a little birthday song from my little girl.

I did have to work, which was nothing special haha.

But after work my family treated me with Fire House Pizza which happens to be my favorite place to eat!

Didn't get many pics, just this one:

We ordered the GINORMOUS!! 36" pizza which ended up being more than even 14 people could handle! We took 4 small pizza boxes of pizza home haha!

After we headed out to the Cache County Fair where my ego got boosted LOL.
They had a muscle up contest at the Golds Gym Booth. You had to Muscle up a 25lb weight and do as many reps as you could in a minute. I ended up with 40 reps and 3rd on the board! The dudes at the booth kept saying they were super impressed because all the ones above me were alot bigger ladies and they didn't think someone of my frame could do that many! 

Thank you Crossfit!! 

My birthday was a fun one this year thanks to my wonderful family!

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