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Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Happy Halloween!

Sisa was a cute little Witch. { yes she did her makeup herself.. she wants to be a big girl so bad ;) }

We started the trick-or-treating out by going to Grandma Edo's work then we headed over to the mall. We've decided we really like this trunk-o-treating they do there because we don't really have to do the door to door thing and she get's PLENTY of candy all in one place! Last year was beyond packed, this year wasn't so bad.. and there was more candy.

Lys was WAY excited. She told us " LOOK! Everyone is dressed up just like me!" she didn't realize everyone dresses up for Halloween.. she also told us she "LOVES CHRISTMAS!"... ya.. she forgot what holiday it was too haha..

We went to Super Grandmas where Sis taught her how to play Team UmiZoomi games on the iphone

Then we went to Nanny's for more candy and where Lys met up with her cousins.

I have a very photogenic little girl.. she wanted to be in EVERY picture with her cousins. haha

We ended the night with Dinner/breakfast at Village Inn

Overall... Lys got a VERY heavy bag of candy and conked out as soon as we got home.

{ Devin is a crazed RSL streaker fan.. scary thing is.. he's naked underneath all those clothes! Cheesy I know.. that's what he was telling everyone lol }

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