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Friday, November 11, 2011

16 w 2days - The journey of being pregnant with twins

So of course being pregnant with twins raises LOADS of questions. And where is the easiest place to get answers, even if not exactly the best, the internet!

So I have been googling twins like crazy.. all the time.. wondering if this is normal or that is normal and I stumbled upon a blog where a woman recorded her entire journey of being pregnant with twins.. week by week. I thought, what a grand idea! It was interesting to hear what I could possibly be going thru since I don't have anyone I know that has been pregnant with twins recently to ask.

So here is my first official Pregnant With Twins journal post:

I am currently 16 weeks and 2 days. I was supposed to have my appointment today, or so I thought, but alas my pregnant brain got the best of me.. again. My appointment was supposed to be yesterday :( I was super bummed because I have read in several places that sometimes they can tell the gender at 16 weeks. ( I also read you get an ultrasound every appointment because they can't just listen to the babies heart beats because since there is 2 it's harder to make sure they are alright ). * Side Note: my last appointment I went in at 10:30 when my app. was at 11:30.. at least I was just early for that one. *
So now I have to wait till next thursday for my appointment.. maybe that will ensure i'll get to find out the gender? All i know.. is I can make it a week right? I made it a whole 4 weeks for this one!!

So far, I'm feeling alright. It's weird.. in the morning I actually feel completely normal.. almost not pregnant. But by the end of the day I feel heavy and tired tired tired. My belly is getting bigger ( i'll start posting pictures soon ). It's so hard to sleep.. it has been since week 12. My belly feels so heavy already and sleeping bites! I have to lay on my sides already and I wake up about 4 times a night for bathroom runs, that and having to flip to my other side because the one side has gone numb with pain.

My work has been awesome enough to let me work part time in the office and part time at home.. so from 9-12 I am in the office and the rest of the time I am at home. I am hoping this will prevent total bed rest.

I have stopped Crossfit :( Which I am sad about, I was planning ( before finding out I was having twins ) to work out the whole time. I did not want another 10 lb baby and I didn't want to gain 50 lbs LOL ( 45-50 lbs is how much I am supposed to gain with twins ). I worked out till week 13 but then it just got really hard, I just got to worried. I am so nervous about everything and I don't want to be the cause of anything bad happening so I decided to take it easy. I am thinking about joining a gym so that I can just easily work out at my own pace and still try to keep fit in hopes it will help these babies be strong and go full term and keep me off of full bed rest.

Still haven't felt them yet. I think I feel flutters but I can't tell if it's gas, muscle spasms or what.

OH the worst WORST part so far, even worse than lack of sleep! Is the HORRIBLE indigestion.. OMG it's horrible.. it makes it so I don't want to eat and when I do I never can eat alot. I have a horrible taste in my mouth all the time and my stomach feels a nasty full feeling. I tried Tums.. they help some, at least take away the heart burn. I am now trying Zantec, first day so far, I think it is working..

Last Saturday we did end up in the labor room at the hospital. I had alot of wetness in my underwear it looked and smelled like clear water and I was nervous it was amniotic fluid ( sorry if that's TMI ). Turns out it wasn't, it was just normal pregnant bodily fluids I guess but they wanted me to keep tabs and make sure it wasn't a slow leak. So far no more water leaks but man it scared me! It was really reassuring to see those 2 little guys moving in my stomach tho ( they had to use an ultra sound to check everything ).

Well that's the journey thus far. I'll keep you posted next week after my appointment.. that I better not miss this time!

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