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Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Blessed/ 1st day of Summer School/ Paleo Lifestyle


June 3, 2012 we blessed our sweet babies. Devin was really nervous especially knowing he was going to have to do it twice and he really wanted them both to be unique. Well.. he nailed it! He did such a sweet job, he had me and plenty others in tears. The thing I loved about the blessing he gave them is they were very heart felt and you could tell he gave alot of thought to what he wanted each of them to be blessed with, and meaning no offense, they weren't your traditional blessings for health, happiness, missions, temples ( not that those are things we don't want for our kids ). He wrote them down so I am going to get them framed to put in their rooms with their little blessing outfits and pictures.

As you can see, I am going to have to try and do a reshoot with them. It was horrible timing for pictures. There was just NO time. We woke up, got them bathed for church, got them dressed, went to church,  headed up to my mother-in-laws for the luncheon [ which was awesome! Arby's roast beef sandwhiches, yes please! ] and by the time we got there it was time for them to eat and boy were they starving! So I didn't want them in their outfits to eat and get all messy so we changed them out then everyone wanted to pass them around after.. so getting pictures did not work out so well.. now I HAVE to find time to reshoot them in their cute outfits before they grow out of them!

It was truely an amazing day, however. And you could really feel the spirit and I truely felt blessed. Everytime I think about this it brings me to tears a little, but I feel so lucky to have had 2 babies at once. I know we were meant to have them and they have touched all our hearts already and I just love to see how Lys reacts with them. She is such a sweet heart and loves her brother and sister so much!

1st Day of Summer School

Lys is lucky enough to have a grandma that's a school teacher. Dev's mom is teacher summer school this year and wanted to take Lys with. Lys is LOVING IT! She is such a little smarty pants and just LOVES to learn. She is constantly wanting us to teach her how to read, write, learn her ABCs & 123's. She's just a little sponge, it amazes me. She gets to go every Monday & Wednesday. 

Paleo Lifestyle [Diet] & Crossfit

So, I may have said before that I have been suffering from a little depression and it's all about my weight. I had worked so hard to lose alot after Lys and thought I was doing great this last pregnancy just to get left with a butt load of weight to lose, back to square 1 pretty much. Now I wouldn't trade ANY of my kids and I know that it's part of having babies but that doesn't mean I feel any better about myself.

Good thing about this? It's kicking my butt into gear and making me want to change my lifestyle and eating habits. Me & Devin have been trying a chain of diets, some have worked a little, some have left us STARVING but the Paleo has been easy to adjust too.

What is paleo you ask? It's also known as the caveman diet/lifestyle. You eat anything you can hunt or gather. Basically NO legumes, whole wheat, grains, & dairy. If you want to learn more you can go here & to see what foods you can & can't enjoy you can go here.

Since doing it we have felt really great and it's actually not all that hard! Here's kind of a breakdown of what we eat everyday [ They have some amazing recipes for paleo food out there ]

Breakfast: Scrambled eggs or hard boiled eggs
Lunch : Salad with some meat [ talapia, chicken, steak, or pork]
Dinner : Salad or veggies with some meat [ talapia, chicken, steak, or pork]

We have been gowing REALLY basic just because it's easier to shop for, we aren't very good at stocking up on foods, but we'll get better at it. 

Like I said there are some AMAZING yummy recipes out there, this site has some really good ones! Nom Nom Paleo

Anyways, so far I have lost 2 lbs on it! I have been doing LOADS of research on it and with Paleo & crossfit people have lost some amazing pounds AND have put some muscle on and look great! One girl lost 23 pounds & 22 inches in 2.5 months! I am into week 2 of this ( but I was cheating here and there and I still lost 2 lbs ). So now I am motivated and I am going to get serious on this. After all my research it has made me realize how important it is to eat healthy and how much better you feel too! I plan on making Paleo my lifestyle. I want to reach my goal weight and once I do then I wont feel bad about cheating here and there but I still really like this Paleo way of life. It's easy, yummy, and I don't feel hungry on it. I feel content! It's nice!

I have started the Paleo Challenge at Crossfit, so i'll update you often on where I am at and hopefully by the end of week 8 I will look amazing! I also plan on posting some before, during, & after pictures here soon [ I just need to get up the courage to post my before ;) ] 

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Tara and Brigham said...

Two things... Your kids are darling! But you already know that I think that ;) And good for you on being so motivated! You need to teach me how to do that! haha.

This is my digital Scrapbook. And.. yeah.. i designed the papers and stuff myself :) sweet huh?

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