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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Finally! A Project Done!

I was in need of a new desk for my work space and found this beauty at a yard sale for $10! 

It sat in the corner for over a month and I really didn't know which color I wanted to paint it. Then I saw a beautiful green desk makeover on pinterest:

 and decided that was it! our kitchen/dining room/office is white, green, & black so it was decided... green...

 [ not sure if I saw this on pinterest or not or if I just made it up but I thought I would show it off because it made painting knobs SOOO easy! You just use poster board, poke the screws thru and put the knobs on so they stand up.. then spray paint! ]

Green desk! It looks ALOT brighter here than it does in real life, the color is Antique Green.. I think it's just the sunlight from the sliding glass doors making it looks so neon.. but it looks REALLY good.. and I am happy with it :)

[ this is the color swatch it is.. huge difference from the picture right LOL ]

Here is another project I did.. I bought that cute little clay pot at a yard sale (should have got a better picture of it close up ). I got an Aloe Vera plant to go in it and then made a hanging basket out of strings using this tutorial here [ my picture is off my phone and is horrible at that.. so here is the picture from the tutorial of how it looks ]

A little update on life

 Lys LOVES her little sister. She sat like this with her watching Enchanted [ her new favorite movie, we LITERALLY watched it 5 times in one day.. no joke!]

We went to the Willow Park Zoo on Sunday for Uncle Brittons b-day.

So I am INLOVE with watching Extreme Makeover: WeightLoss Edition every Sunday. It is a GREAT motivator and shows.. if these overly obese people can lose the weight and stay strong.. so can I! It's so inspirational!

Anyways, I am also in love with Chris Powel!

Ya how could you not be in love with this guy ;)

Anyways, he is so awesome and I love how much he cares about the people he helps.

I am still SUPER motivated to lose weight.

How's it going so far you ask?

I have lost 7 lbs so far and 3 inches all around [ inch off my waist, hips, and thighs ]

I go to crossfit 4 days a week, play soccer 3 days a week, and we have been going jogging/walking as a family each night.

Eating healthy is AWESOME! I really enjoy what we eat and I love how we feel. When I eat crap [ I need to do better on the weekends, i'll admit on Saturday I decided to get a croissant which from BK because me and my sis-in-law were out at yardsales and it was convenient and I told myself " i'm going to soccer anyways so I'll work it off".. well WOW.. I felt HORRIBLE.. eating those kind of nasty carbs made me feel sick.. I couldn't even finish the sandwhich and I only drank half of the medium coke too.. I was glad too that I felt like crap.. made me realize just how good eating healthy was and felt :)

Here's a new recipe we did from Chris Powells website.. it's very healthy and man was it delicious!

[ When I reach my first 10lb loss goal i'll finally post before and after pictures.. I wont be as self conscious i'm hoping ]

MMMMMMM Feta & Tomato Shrimp Skillet

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