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Friday, July 15, 2011

My Little Trooper takes it with a Smile

Yesterday was a TRAUMATIC day for our little girl. 

Playing over at Great Grandmas she got nipped by a doggy. Did that scare her away from dogs? NO WAY! She still loves them!

We for sure don't blame poor Max. We understand that sometimes.. 3 year olds and dogs don't mix.. even the sweetest parent can lose their cool with a 3 year old.. did I say parent? I mean dog ;)

We ended up at the ER. She was more scared of the bed than the doctors for some odd reason. The worst part for her was having the doctor try to find a vein to stick her in.. her little hands are so teeny and the doc just had the hardest time finding one. I think that hurt her the worst if not me more having to watch her in pain :(

After she fell asleep they stitched her up and it was time for her to wake up. Once she was awake and she saw everyone in the room she got alot more cheerful.. especially when her aunt Becky gave her a "Little Mermaid" Barbie doll---- you know what we ended up watching OVER and OVER and OVER again that night!

But she is a trooper! Even tho she had an "Ouch" she loved all the attention and boy did she soak it up! She was telling us story after story! Those 5 stitches on her lip didn't slow her down one bit..

We were worried about her having problems eating so we were trying to decide what we could feed her. We asked her and she said "Chicken Nuggets at the kids meal store". How could we say "no" to her sad little face?? So to Burger King we went.. and she ate all her chicken nuggets without one word of complaint or problem! Wahoo!

Getting ready for bed she noticed she had "extra nickles?" -- that's what she calls her "nipples" *ahem*
Whoops looks like the doctor left those on?

We are proud of our little girl who doesn't let a single thing slow her down... not even 5 stitches in her cute little lip.

I love how she takes life with a Smile.. something I know I can learn to do a little better :)

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