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Friday, July 29, 2011

A weekend in Challis

{ Pictures are courtesy of the beautiful landscape of Challis Idaho }
Visiting my grandparents in Challis. 

It's only about a 4 hour drive, but it is so far the only 4 hour drive I actually look forward to driving. Everytime a Tom Petty song comes on I think of the drive to Challis.. weird I know.. but it's so scenic! I love nature and mountains, and the smell of non city outdoors.

There is always alot to do when we get to Challis. The first day we always hit the fishing hole. Our new tradition is to go to Deadman's Hole. I found out after my gramps Willmore passed away he used to go to this hole with his buddies way back in the day when he was a youngster. So it's kinda special to me :)
{A little side note.. my grams and gramps McGowan live in Challis and my grams and gramps Willmore live in Hryum Utah so my grandpa traveling to Challis was kind of a cool thing for us to hear }

Fishing comes naturallyto me. I grew up with a pole in my hand at all times. 
My brothers and now my husband hate that I always seem to catch all the fish.
Literally I caught 2 fish in 2 casts before my husband got his pole together.. need I say he was frustrated haha.. He ended up with a fish of his own tho! We took home 5 good size Mountain Whitefish and yes! They tasted wonderful!

Need I say more!

My grandparents place really is beautiful. It's right ontop of a Cliff.. literally! The view is gorgeous. I love sitting out on their porch enjoying natures beauty.

Another fun place to go is Challis' amazing Hot Springs. You will never experience a Hot Spring as nice and beautiful as Challis'. It is all natural and they use soft round river rocks to line the pool. They drain it every night so that it stays clean and non slimy like some others are. The water is as warm as a comfy bathtub and beautifully clear. So nice for relaxing!

 Can you say breathtaking and inviting!

Can't wait till next year!

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