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Sunday, July 10, 2011

Project{3} AND more!

First off we got to go to Lagoon yesterday AGAIN! We spent half the day at Lagoona beach which sisa LOVED! I didn't get any pictures but I got a few videos I need to upload of Sisa going on her now favorite ride Bombora and the Tilt-A-Whirl.. 

After the game we decided to go to an impromtu RSL game which was AWESOME! I just love going to the RSL games. It was way cute too because sisa told us "This is my favorite part!" We have trained her well. She cheered very loud also!

I said I was going to get 5 pictures a day.. haha.. well.. I think i'll just move to 1 picture a day.. so 5 for the week... Here are the 2 I got for the week :)

And now for the projects:

Project #{3}

I really liked how it turned out. I did a bright blue, i'm really liking the brights right now. I also redid the numbers to make it a little more playful.

I also completed project #{4}

I found this at the DI and came up with a pretty fun idea on how to use it.
I'm not entirely sure what it was in the first place but i liked the little design of it.

Here is the finished prod.

I used a watermelon pink spray paint and voila.. instant jewelry holder. My jewelry box just wasn't tall enough for my long necklaces but this works awesome! It also is a tray for my rings AND I can hang my earrings from it. LOVE IT! I just love DI treasures!

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This is my digital Scrapbook. And.. yeah.. i designed the papers and stuff myself :) sweet huh?

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