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Friday, March 9, 2012

33 weeks 2 days

Just a quick post about my last appointment on Tuesday March 6th :)

My doc found out that I have a bladder infection.. boo :(

I have had a bladder infection before, back in middle school and it was bad! I was out of school for a week, on crazy antibiotics, and was super super tired.. when I went back to school.. I fell asleep in class twice and my teacher had to call my mom to tell her.. It was really embarrassing!

To be honest, I didn't even know I had one, with the one I had before I could most certainly tell but this time, I didn't feel ANY of the symptoms. She did say it was mild.

I have been feeling horrible all week and now I don't know if it's from the infection or if something else is going on. I told my doctor that I have been having harder contractions and haven't been feeling to well. She was a little worried labor might be on it's way but she didn't want to check anything because she didn't want to accidentally start anything so she made me an appointment the following week ( March 13th ) my next appointment wasn't supposed to be until the 20th but she now wants to start seeing me every week!

She said on the 13th she'll check me out and see what's going on and she said if labor started she wouldn't stop it! She told me I could possibly go into labor next week also!! That  was a major shocker to think I could have babies next week! She would prefer I go to 36 weeks but 34 would be just fine and the babies would be healthy. 

I'm at at tossup.. I want healthy babies and I know the further I go the better it is but I CANNOT wait to be out of this misery haha.. man this week has been rough and I fear it's only going to get worse!

Oh upside to all of this, both babies are still head down :) Doc says that at this point they will most likely stay that way because of lack of room, they have been head down almost this whole pregnancy too so that is extremely hopeful for a natural birth.. i'm scared to death of a c-section!

So there is the update.. can't wait to find out next week how much longer I have!

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Breezie said...

Man, I'm getting excited FOR you! I hope they cook a LITTLE bit longer for you; but I totally understand the being miserable part. (And I only had ONE in there.) Hang in there woman!

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