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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

34 weeks 6 days

Well made it to my doctors appointment.

(I'm posting from my phone and it throws all the pics at the bottom i guess so below is a photo of Hazel)

We found out from the ultra sound tech that the babies are 6 whopping pounds each!! Alot bigger than we all expected but at the same time made me happy. Cause I know they are big and healthy!

I have dilated to a 3+ so I am progressing! She said if I get to a 5 they wont stop me this time. Reason they stopped me last time is I gues they were nervous about me being only 34 weeks and they have me the shots to see if I was in real labor. If I was the hot wouldn't have done anything, so boo, guess I wasn't :(.

Again doc said could be any day up to next week.. I'm sick of waiting! Especially knowing they are 6lbs now! I am so scared I won't go into labor on my own and I'll end up have TWO 9 lb babies! My doc assured me that I will go into labor on my own but I am just starting to feel like I'll be pregnant forever lol!

Well here is HOPEFULLY my last huge belly pic!

Wish me luck in having these babies soon!

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